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Age: 16 Height: 9 mills

As a baby, Dotman was delivered to the Dottown Orphanage by Mr. Stork. He grew up in the orphanage, never getting adopted by parents, while being given a rather embarrassing name by the owners of the orphanage. As he grew up, he became good friends with Happy, and also grew a very big secret crush on Amy Mark, the daughter of the mayor of Dottown. He entered into the police force early, and by the age of sixteen, had risen to the rank of Lieutenant. When Double-Head attacked the town one day and kidnapped Amy, Dotman volunteered to rescue her. It was then that he met Doctor von Dotteneugen who gave Dotman his first Morph Potion, a special chemical that gives Dotman the ability to transform himself into almost anything. Even though Dotman succeeded in rescuing Amy and saving the day, due to the bad guys' incessant attacks on the town, Dotman chosen to stay on as the permanent defender of the town.